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"Tin is a creative SUPERNOVA." 

 by Jeff Leaf - Former Group Creative Director at Oglivy and Mather, Executive Creative Director at P.volve

If you’re looking for someone to single-handedly direct, shoot, edit and finish your next campaign, look no further. Tin commands productions with his spontaneity, keen eye and elevated sense of style. Whether he’s shooting photos or films, Tin is a true craftsman that isn’t swayed or scared by modest production budgets or big challenges. He has an uncanny ability to make beautiful things out of nothing and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

"FIVE stars."

 by Julie Cartwright- Former EVP at Lionsgate, President at P.volve

Tin knows how to capture the true essence of a brand. He loses himself (in the very best way) in the project and is dedicated to delivering the very best outcome. He is able to get the very best from talent because of how he is able to add energy and creativity to a room.

"HIRE THIS MAN - you won't regret it."

 by Adam Richman- SVP at LiveStyle, Co-Founder at Medium Rare, Shaquille O'Neal Management

Tin is somewhat of a rare gem in the creative industry given his kick-ass versatility, in both media production and strategy. He has a distinctive ability to empathize and communicate with a range of people from A-list celebrities to production assistants and get the job done. Long hours and hard work is an instinct for Tin - don't have to tell him twice to go above and beyond. Yes, he is someone you can work long hours with (given all the traveling we did during the Shaq Tour). Hire this man - you won't regret it.

"Understands the importance of being AGILE."

 by Laura Gherardi- Former Executive Producer at Dr. Oz Show, Executive Producer at BlackRock

Tin is a multi-skilled, creative, hands-on innovative leader who can manage multiple projects and clients effortlessly. His non-traditional creative talent brings a unique and fresh angle to each project.  Tin understands the importance of being agile – from picking up a camera to shoot or jumping in the editor’s chair to cut – he knows how to get the job done.  He inspires his team by creating a collaborative, stimulating and fun atmosphere.

So sharp and versatile you'd think he was Swiss!

 by Joshua Decker - Chief Product Officer at Galaxy Labs

Exactly as represented in the photos, along with an abundance of underrepresented features that are useful in all professional scenarios. Doesn't talk too much. Slightly too talented for his own good (hence the .5 star deductions). 

"Absolutely, YES!"

 by Monica Crow - Supervising Producer and Product Designer at P.volve

Tin “Tino” has always been charismatic and an inspiration to all of those around him. He has a special ability to think strategically and critically while also being one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is never afraid of a challenge and is incredibly skilled at making the right decision under pressure. 

"Only negative is that he doesn't come in a 10-PACK!"

 by Katherine Nellis- Solutions Consultant at Pegasystems

Looking for a way to take something ordinary and make it unique and memorable? Tin Lazar is the way to go! Passionate and versatile, Tin works well in both professional and informal settings. Don't worry if you're short on imagination, Tin comes with enough creative spirit for two. Tin excels at helping others turn their visions into reality, but I found operates best when given the reins to chase his own ideas. Only negative is that he doesn't come in a 10-pack! Highly recommend.

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